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Prevention-based dental care for children of all ages in oakland, ca.

We practice functional dentistry, a whole-body approach to dental care that emphasizes finding the root cause of issues, educating on proper prevention of oral disease and its links to systemic issues, and aiming to use the most biocompatible and least toxic materials available.

"Our mission is to nurture strong roots for growing smiles."

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Excellent service and care, my daughter needed extensive work and went from having severe dental anxiety to looking forward to her appointments! She loves her dentist Dr. Franklin and also has so much more confidence and self esteem with her improved smile.

Mama T.

I was really impressed with the thoughtfulness of advice that took into account all factors. For our one daughter with sensory issues she gave toothpaste and flossing recommendations and strategies that have been huge improvements. Even though daughter will need braces she advised to hold off as long as possible due to the challenges of keeping them clean as a kid with sensory issues, which I appreciated she took into account the entire picture and all risks. Our other daughter without issues she gave completely different advice for braces but picked up on issues no other dentist had.

Chris M.

My childen are patients of Dr. Franklin who is absolutely AMAZING! She is very detailed, kind, and all the kids love her!

Latanya E.

My 3 year old has been seeing Dr. Franklin for almost 2 years now. She is amazing and wonderfully pleasant & patient with my anxious toddler.

Monique D.

Dr Franklin is an absolute gem and I cannot even express enough just how talented she is at putting my very anxious and inquisitive child at ease.

Sara C.

Dr. Franklin is awesome. She took the time to check my son and was very patient. My son is autistic so he’s a little more challenging but she is perfect. Thank you so much. Also thank you to the staff who helps make the visit easier and pleasant.

Alicia Y.

Dr. Franklin has treated both my children. She is caring, warm and professional. She keeps abreast of dentistry developments and is able to recommend what will best work for her patients. I especially like her manner when performing treatments—easy, conversational, storytelling that puts everyone at ease.

Lydia O.

My daughter has been coming here for the past few years and we love love love Dr. Franklin! She is sweet and kind and always will be my baby's preferred choice. We even moved 45 minutes away and still come see Dr. Franklin.

Melissa E.

I want to say the entire staff is amazing from the front desk working with to get me in even after I screwed up my son’s appointment time. To the efficiency of getting seen. Dr. Franklin and her assistant was so amazing with me and my son they explained everything and made us both feel comfortable. If you have a child who may be afraid of the dentist I suggest Dr. Franklin. I’m so excited I stumbled on this Gem.

Tasha T.

My son was referred here by my dentist and I'm so glad! I had been looking to switch him over to a pediatric dentist but hadn't found one. The office is fun and cheery right from the time you walk in the door. Dr. Franklin is super sweet and thorough, my son is always at ease. I wish I would've found this office sooner!

Tiffinee S.

Dr. Franklin and her assistants were wonderful with my two girls. It was my baby’s first dental appointment and Dr. Franklin sang to her and made her feel so comfortable while cleaning her teeth, my baby didn’t even cry or get scared. We loved her!

Olivia C.

I wished I would had taken my kids to their office sooner. In the past the words dentist’s appointment created stress to my daughter. Now she looks forward in coming to the office and see Dr. Franklin and her assistants. Everyone is very friendly and make the process go smoothly. Very professional and they take care of you promptly.

Melissa B.

Dr. Franklin is an awesome dentist, who is really good with kids. She works hard and is very efficient and personable. Only a good pediatric dentist would know how to put a child, who hates shots, at ease without laughing gas.

Lecille D.

We love love Dr. Franklin. Been sending my oldest here since she was 1.5 years and now my youngest just started seeing her too. We've had a few procedures done here....a tooth removal due to an accident, some issues with crowding and the subsequent iffy spots, and Dr. Franklin has been a dream in her ability to make my girls feel comfortable while making sure their dental needs are well taken care of.

Shuyin Emilia L.

My girls and I absolutely love Dr. Franklin and her dental assistants! We have always had positive experiences at this dental office. My 1 year old doesn’t even cry and it’s her second time going. Dr. Franklin does a great job with distracting her by singing her songs. My 5 year old loves going to the dentist as well. Super sweet and friendly staff!

Olivia C.

Dr Franklin is my 6-year old daughter’s Dentist. She is kind, patient, and wonderful when it comes to caring for my daughter. She is very in tune with the likes and interests of my daughter and is able to chat (and distract) her with talk of all things Disney. She is quick and efficient and gives specific feedback to me on how we can improve the overall health of her mouth. :) We really like her a lot and would recommend her to other families.

Karna R.

I highly recommend this dentist, especially for children with sensory disorders. Dr. Franklin is amazing and seems to be very knowledgeable as far as working with children like my son. He’s moderately autistic and scared of getting his teeth cleaned, yet Dr. Franklin is very patient, gentle, kind and understanding with him. I am blessed to have found this dentist because finding a dentist willing to work with Autistic children is not easy. Also, I felt very safe taking my son there to have his teeth cleaned during Covid as they take all the necessary precautions. Five Stars!

Frances C.

My now 6 and 8 year old have been seeing Dr. Niekia Franklin, who is amazing. I appreciate her warmth and her enthusiasm for dental health. She supports me as a parent in encouraging the kids with praise for what they are doing well and education for the boys when they need improvement. She hears my concerns and gives me options, but I really trust her judgment and experience. The hygienists are also so kind and work well with young children. Love the front desk staff - always a friendly way of coming into and departing the appointment. Thanks!

Jordan K.

The moment my daughter and I walked into the office I knew we had found her dentist home! Angie greeted us with a smile and protocol. We were asked immediately to sanitize our hands, our temperature taken and if I had been tested. Dr. Franklin and her assistant were on time! This was major for me as a busy parent and I appreciated it so much. They then introduced themselves and showed us pictures of what they look like without masks. This was a small but impactful touch as it made them “human” versus being a person behind a mask. My daughter had a complete screening, cleaning, treatment plan, and was scheduled within an hour! We left feeling safe, educated, heard and empowered. We absolutely love it here and grateful for them.

Sparkles S.

I have been bringing my daughter Ariel to this office for about two years now and the entire staff have been the same since day one! They are very welcoming, and professional. Dr Franklin and her assistants have been working with my daughter and I can’t thank them enough!! I appreciate the talks they have with Ariel to make her feel comfortable (which is not an easy task). I appreciate the affirmations before and during the process and most of all I appreciate the patience! Ariel had her first filling today which was not an easy visit (due to her fears) and about two hours after the visit we received a call from Dr Franklin, checking on my baby to see how she was doing! When I hung up Ariel says “she’s the best doctor ever.” She really is and I wouldn’t dare take my baby anywhere else! This Dentist Office is the best!

Cherelle F.

Had a good experience for my child's first dental visit. This nervous mama was unsure what to expect. Dr. Franklin and her assistant made me feel comfortable, addressing my concerns regarding my little one's teeth. Also I appreciate her encouraging me (a constant worrier) to reach out with any questions or concerns about my son's dental health at anytime. That matters a lot to me.


My 4 year old had got a couple caps there in the past! I was totally scared to put her out for that procedure. But it went smoothly it and they made me feel really comfortable about it. During our recent visit one of the caps had came out due to it being a porcelain crown for the second time. Mrs. Franklin was the best she took her time to make sure my daughter Haley was completely comfortable the whole time. My daughter also has a speech delay & can be a stubborn girl at times. Everytime we've been there before she cried hysterically. Mrs. Franklin is our favorite dentist we've meet so far and can't wait to see her again for her cleanings! She also got 3 game tokens and was very happy about that!

Alana G.

Dr Franklin and her assistant were Amazing on Friday 2/18/22. THEY TOTALLY made my son feel comfortable and had plenty to talk about as Dr.Franklin had some common interests as him. We felt very Blessed as shes conscientious and discusses the plan and makes sure you understand.Thank you so much...You and your Assistant are a great Team.


My daughter is terrified of the dentist but after going to Dr. Franklin for over a year, she has really adapted well and the staff is so patient with her and it has been a great experience!! She lets them actually clean her teeth and they do a great job with kids!!

Kimberly D.

All the staff are professional, fun and engaging with their clients. I have to give a big shout out to Dr. Franklin!!!! I have seen her work magic with both of my children. My youngest was terrified and Dr. Franklin always remained calm and patience. Now my youngest is a pro but clearly looks for her in the building for comfort. My oldest recently told me she likes that Dr. Franklin is cool and explains well for her to understand (my daughter is 12). Overall I appreciate everyone and I’m so grateful for Dr. Franklin!

La'Tanya E.

I have so much gratitude and appreciation for the team here especially, Dr. Franklin. The team went the extra mile to provide my son with the best care during his visit. We were referred by my dentist and was looking for a second opinion for our sons x-rays. They allowed us to make a same day appointment and since, it was urgent care that he needed they immediately sprang into action. The next business day my son was able to get the best care money can’t buy because they truly care about the children and you can’t buy that. I wish I found this place a lot sooner because we could have avoided some of the issues he had with his teeth. Nevertheless, I’m glad we found Dr. Franklin and I hope she will be our children's dentist for many years to come. Thank you so much, May God Bless!

La Wada K.

My son is 2 years old and in the spectrum. Our nurse was Jenny and dentist was Dr. Franklin. Both were really patient and understanding. Jenny went out of her way to make my son comfortable. She engaged with him in a playful manner and showed him the tools they would be using. She offered him to brush their office unicorn's teeth, too. She offered stickers and had Toy Story 4 playing on the screen. My son got really comfortable and started exploring the section we were at. He climbed the chairs and touched stuff. They didn't scold him about it. They helped redirect his attention. Dr. Franklin was very informative and kind in her mannerisms to comfort my son. We did the knee to knee approach for the dental checkup and cleaning. This part was a bit hard as my son fought it, which is expected for all young children. He bounced back quickly after she finished. She said that she'd like us to come for "happy visits" before our next appointment. It's just for our son to visit the office and be familiar with the tools in his mouth. She also gave us a call later in the day to just go over what we discussed about my son's oral health and our general discussion, knowing that it's hard to hear information while tending to a child in the office. Overall, I'm happy to have found them. It was a very inclusive and happy experience. I'd be even more confident at the next appointment.

Christine T.

Everyone there is so kind and wonderful with kids. Dr. Franklin explains things to kids in a way that they can understand. She also has a way of talking about “tooth stuff” to adults when children are present in a way that is not scary sounding to young ears.

Nico G.

Dr Franklin was wonderful with my anxious 3.5yr old. She was patient and understanding of her fears and worked together with her staff to make sure myself and my daughter were comfortable.

Andrea M.

Meet Dr. Niekia Franklin

Top-rated pediatric dentist

Driven by a passion for promoting total body health through dental education, Dr. Franklin earned her Bachelor's Degree in just three years from the University of Oklahoma, before going on to graduate in the top 3% of her class from Baylor College of Dentistry.

During her time at Baylor, she founded a local chapter of Give Kids a Smile, served as president of the Student Professionalism and Ethics Association, and was Vice President of the Student National Dental Association. She also organized the annual SNDA Pre-Dental Day for students from underrepresented backgrounds to learn about careers in dentistry.

Dr. Franklin then pursued further education in Pediatric Dentistry at Indiana University, where she earned a Masters of Science in Dentistry. During her residency, she provided care for patients with complex health needs, gained extensive experience in a hospital setting, and re-established the school's Give Kids a Smile program to provide dental care to children without access to care.

With over 10 years of experience in pediatric dentistry, and 8 years serving the Bay Area, Dr. Franklin has opened Redwood Pediatric Dentistry in Oakland. Her mission is to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment where children of all ages and needs can receive the highest-quality care. She stays current on the latest pediatric dental research, focusing on oral-airway and oral-systemic connections, conservative treatment alternatives, and minimally invasive procedures to enhance the patient experience.

As an active member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, and Greater Bay Area Dental Society, Dr. Franklin also serves as an advisor to the board of Diversity of Dentistry, mentors pre-dental students, and supports her community through charitable initiatives.

In her free time, Dr. Franklin enjoys spending time with her Husband, future therapy dog Hawley, and corgi-mix Maximus, taking Orange Theory classes, brunches, camping, and listening to lots of audiobooks!

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